Developing a smooth and scalable business app using some low-code platforms have proved to be much advantageous for startups and small-sized businesses. The ease and swiftness that these low-code platforms offer to mobile app developers have enabled them to deliver swifter projects with required quality and functionalities. Moreover, low-code platforms are much cost effective for which these have become a top choice for startups and small-scale enterprises. These platforms have several building blocks which help people to develop a suitable software solution for them without indulging into serious coding.

The global low-code platform market is expected to amount USD 65 billion by 2027 and the global revenue generation from such platforms for the current year (2021) is valued at USD 5.8 million. So, if you own a small business or have recently launched a startup, you must read these exceptional benefits offered by low-code platforms in developing an app for your business.

Lower Development Cost

Lower Development Cost

We understand that small businesses and startups often need to operate within limited budget and resources. As low-code platforms offer immense ease and flexibility to code for apps and this can easily be done by anyone with minimal software development knowledge. This reduces the cost to hire experts and professional developers as the development process is completed simplified and automated. The entire Android or iOS app development process is simplified and thus it takes comparatively lesser time to deliver a project.

On-time Project Delivery

On-time Project Delivery

This is another major advantage for which low-code platforms are best suitable for small-sized businesses and startups. You can’t afford to wait a lot in launching your business app when most of your competitors are already reaping huge benefits out of their apps. Delay in launching an app on the right time may also cause severe outcomes for your business products and soon you may find yourself out of the competition. Low-code platforms offer instant cross-platform app development solution where you can get an app developed swiftly as and when you want and that too without investing any large amount on them.

Within Planned Budget & Schedule

The best part of using low-code platforms for developing an app for your newly started business is that it facilitates in-budget development. You can have all important features and functionalities in your business app and developers are able to deliver the same because of the straightforward development process. You don’t need to hire the best development agency, no need to hire big development team, and no lengthy development processes are involved in using low-code platforms for Android app development.

Multi-platform Functionality

Startups and small businesses don’t have heavy project requirements. They just want to develop an app to expand their user base and this can be done by launching an app quickly and then evaluate its performance. Using low-code platforms, you can develop apps that perform on several platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux). You can then easily make required necessary changes into the app as per the consumer behavior and market trends. Building a native app for a specific platform needs heavy investment in hiring two different development teams for each specific platform. With low-code platform app development, you get an advantage over this.

Limited Expertise

You don’t need to indulge into serious coding skills when developing an app for your business using a low-code platform. Hiring a beginner developer may also work well to achieve desired and initial outcomes from your Xamarin app development project. The learning curve is much simpler as compared to conventional development processes and technologies. With minimal expertise, a developer can quickly deliver what you are expecting out of your business app.

Enhanced Speed and Efficiency

The efficacy of any mobile app is often judged on its speed and efficiency to perform on a particular platform. Apps developed using low-code platform are reported to be performing swiftly on multiple platforms without any hurdles and serious issues. Moreover, these are very light-weight applications and users can quickly download them within seconds. Apart from their uptime capabilities, these apps are also performing efficiently to enthrall users and get what they want from them.

Easy Maintenance

The traditional app development process included several complexities in maintenance and upgrading, and that consumed a lot of time. Mobile app developers have to manually fix the bugs and add new features and functionalities that you need at that time. When you develop apps using low-code platforms, it becomes quite convenient and flexible for you to provide necessary updates to the app. Low-code platforms offer pre-tested modules on which you can easily make required updates without worrying about its compatibility.

End Note

You must have got an idea why modern SaaS vendors are offering low-code application development solutions. The rising demand for such platforms and the ease to implement them are thoroughly rejoiced by both; app owners and mobile app developers.

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