UAE’s leading FinTech aggregator, BankOnUs has recently launched an AI-powered mobile application to leverage its user-engagement level and provide reliable and affordable financial products and services to its current and potential customers.

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This advanced technology app will allow users to easily receive any and all types of financial solutions from a single wallet. BankOnUs launched this app for addressing the issues faced by the users in accessing different types of financial products and services.

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Using BankOnUs application, customers will also be able to learn about such bank loans that can be availed at the lowest possible interest rates in the UAE. The launch of this Financial and Insurance Services Comparison Mobile Application will allow the UAE based users to draw an effective comparison between different loan options, bank accounts and credit cards currently offered in the country.

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One of the co-founders of BankOnUs, Mr. Dhruba Jyoti Sengupta stated that by introducing the BankOnUs mobile application facility for the users, the company is aiming at empowering its current and potential users with all the information that they require for making an informed decision with respect to purchasing its financial products and services.

This popular FinTech aggregator aims at offering its customers simplified financial solutions by introducing new generation technological innovations at regular intervals. BankOnUs aspires to tune in with the requirements of its users and acknowledges their right to receive reliable, transparent and effective financial information.


BankOnUs app will enable the users to get their financial products and services saved in a single wallet for making it easier to avail and accessible for them. The UAE’s leading financial aggregator even aims at eliminating the role of financial intermediaries by providing users with complete information on financial products and services.

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