The E-commerce industry is booming with every passing day and mobile apps have further added to its wings to cover the entire sky. More than 93% of global internet users have purchased products online and the e-commerce industry is growing at rate of 23% year over year. According to industry experts, almost 95% of global purchases will come from e-commerce industry till 2040. Awok is an amazing ecommerce app that has transformed the online shopping experience of Middle East people with its exceptional features and functionalities. Awok app features are its core strength. Apps like Amazon, e-Bay, Snapdeal, and Groupon have also gained unmatched recognition and are ruling the e-commerce industry with their exciting features. Online shopping is all about convenience, flexibility, and money saving, hence, you must develop your e-commerce app with utter commitment and in a strategic way.

This blog will guide you on Awok like app development cost and some crucial aspects that you must focus on while developing an e-commerce app.

A Quick Overview of Awok App

Sine 2010, businesses around the world started witnessing the essence of e-commerce industry and its potential growth. The Awok app entered the e-commerce market in 2013 with a single mission; to make daily consumables available to people in the easiest and swiftest way. By 2015, the total sales manifold thrice and in 2017, the app went far beyond UAE and Saudi Arabia to stretch its wings in global e-commerce market. Its amazing e-commerce logistic operations made it the fastest delivery app among its competitors. It has tie-ups with all small and big stores and when a user places an order, the app notifies the merchant and the nearest available delivery boy to collect that product from there and deliver it on the mentioned address ASAP.

A Quick Overview of Awok App

Key Features of Awok like E-commerce App

To develop an app like Awok, you need to develop four panels; Admin, Merchant, Customer, and Delivery Service. Each panel will include certain features that you can incorporate in your ecommerce app development project to gain maximum results out of it.

Key Features of Awok like E-commerce App

Customer Panel Features

  • User Registration
  • Browse Stores
  • Filtered Search Options
  • Product List
  • Order Tracking
  • Add to Cart
  • Wishlist
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Offers & Discounts
  • Live chat
  • Push Notifications
  • Buy on EMI
  • Instant Check out

Admin panel Features

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Product Management
  • Managing Promotions & Rewards
  • Payment Management
  • Manage Referrals & Invitations

Merchant Panel Features

  • Registration
  • Subscription Plan
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Catalog/Orders
  • Payment Accounting
  • User Review
  • Reporting Tools
  • Notifications & Alerts

The Awok like app development cost will depend much on these features. These are some basic functionalities and features that are offered by Awok app. You can choose to incorporate some additional features like Augmented Reality view, social media integration, ratings & reviews, auto-tax calculation, multi-currency support and product search with QR codes.

Despite planning to make an Awok clone, try adding your forte to add to the worth of your ecommerce app and make it little distinct from others.

Awok like App Development Cost

The development cost of an ecommerce app depends on various crucial factors. WE have elaborated some of them to give you almost an exact amount for Awok like app development cost.

Awok like App Development Cost

Type of App Development Company: The app development agency that you hire must have relevant experience in developing ecommerce apps. Hire the best agency to avoid any disappointment as only few are capable of delivering the desired quality and performance that you have always wanted for your ecommerce app.

Type of App: Whether it will be a native app for Android and iOS platforms separately, or a cross-platform app, that works smoothly on all platforms, must be decided well before. You can even choose to develop hybrid and web-based apps but if it’s an ecommerce app, choosing to develop a native app will be the best option.

Number of Features: The more features you offer to your users, the higher will be its development cost. Developers have to invest a lot of time in incorporating and testing these features and their functionalities on different devices.

All these three factors will largely comprise the development cost of Awok like app. Hence, you need to evaluate all three with required diligence.

We have thoroughly evaluated several ecommerce app development projects and have thus, mentioned an average Awok like app development cost that you may consider for Awok like project. To get an ecommerce app with all above-mentioned features, you have to spend somewhere between $25000 to $35000. And if you include those additional features also, the cost may range between $40000 to $60000.

The rising demand for online shopping apps will certainly offer you an opportunity to make a life-long source of income. You just have to conduct a thorough market research and proceed professionally towards your dream project to launch an ecommerce app.

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