Today, Asus declared a brand-new ASUS BR 1100 education series is going to launch and be available in an 11.6-inch clamshell from (BR1100C) for a conventional experience. Along with an adjustable design that you could flip to turn a multi-touch tablet (BR 1100F). 

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The all-new ASUS BR1100 laptops are developed to military-grade standards to sustain the busyness of daily home life. It comes both in the classroom and outside with smart protective features that include a spill-resistant and all-around rubber bumper keyboard. They also provide alternative 4G LTE for superfast connectivity offerings along with noise-canceling technology powered by AI for high-standard remote conferencing and learning. It comes with a robust battery life which can easily handle a full day’s working and learning process as well as an easy-to-service modular construction feature. When the adjustable BR1100F gives profits additionally from a world-facing camera and alternative stylus for creating innovative learning scopes and high-end flexibility.  

ASUS BR 1100 Education Series, A Complete Package with 11.6” Display and Tough Chasis

Key Features:

Let’s have a look at its key features below-

  • Diversity and Unique Storage Capacity:  Comes with up to 512 GB M.2 SSD storage with choices for touchscreen 2-in-1 display with stylus.
  • Rugged Design: It has a spill-resistant, all-around rubber bumper keyboard along with military-grade toughness.
  • Learning-friendly Extras: This laptop is designed with ASUS BacGuard antibacterial protection technology and it is certified for low blue-light emissions. Moreover, it also has a bright connection-status indicator.
  • Clarity and Connectivity: ASUS BR 1100F is specially designed for students’ learning and thereby it comes with AI-powered noise-canceling technology along with a noise-reduction camera and it also has an optional 4G LTE connectivity feature.  

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