Artificial Intelligence is remodeling and reshaping the world with all-new promises and prospects; we all know this fact. There are one or two countries that assumed the world’s changing technological behavior of implementation AI prior and UAE joins this party that dynamically planning rather than instantly accepting the change.

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Enhancement of machine uses and systems involves multiple risk factors of cyber-attacks, deployment of Artificial Intelligence to boost up the defense systems is pretty challenging. However, the infusion of AI technology in the UAE defense is extremely needed according to the viewpoint of cyber-security.   

Artificial Intelligence Deployment will Decrease Risks Factors in Defence Systems

The State Minister of Digital Economy, Teleworking Applications and AI, Omar bin Sultan Al Olama at the International Defence Conference signifies that protecting systems is a daunting job to defend the country’s sovereignty. In our previous days country’s primary defense concern is to securing human lives as they were the only resources to generate productivity and accelerate the economic wheel. Nowadays, a country like UAE thinking beyond humans and planning predominantly about securing both human lives and data by implementing AI in the defense systems. 

These days, we see machines play a crucial role in financial sectors, taking over a huge part in the growth of a country’s GDP. Hence, securing these protocols is as difficult as securing the sovereignty of a nation and its human lives. The UAE Government funding billions of dollars in multinational organizations for the sake of AI research and development. They are planning to make sure that they live on the cutting edge of holding their defense systems secured.

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