Various industry experts in UAE presented their views on efficient use of data strategy along with AI technology. The Artelligence Forum 2021 concluded with an enhanced focus on having a solid data strategy that compliments an organization’s long-term goals to provide a steady stream of revenue.

Leading Health & Fitness App Development Company in UAEFaisal Ali, the Group Chief Information Officer at Gargash Group said that the bulk of the businesses in the UAE are SMEs often times can’t afford the expenses that come with adopting an extensive data strategy like the ones that large corporations are utilizing. Instead, businesses should adopt a more “microscopic approach” to AI and data.Scale plays a very big role, but so does re-utilization. For example, a restaurant that looks at their point of sale (POS) to review orders. You don’t need big data analysts to determine what dishes are popular and when. Using a simple algorithm that is built and provided to them as a service is enough. They will be able to identify a trend such as which dishes and ingredients are popular with customers during a certain period. The owner can then go to the chef and tell them to create a dish with those ingredients for the next season.

The focus remained on adopting microscopic approach towards data strategy and AI. LarebPoonawala, CIO/IT Director, Proctor & Gamble, Saudi Arabia also talked about the importance of being in touch with what consumers are looking for at a given moment in time. Looking at the trends that have accelerated the post-Covid-19 world, personalization and customization is the key to success for businesses.

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