From the past few months, the government all across the globe competes to develop the best Smartphone apps to track COVID-19 cases. There are integer numbers of features linked with these applications. In most countries, initially, the infection rates were very low but due to untargeted lockdowns, most of the countries faced huge consequences related to the economy. The main reason behind this huge loss was the lack of sufficient knowledge about the virus and the way it infects humans. In this situation, the mobile applications are playing a critical role in the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

The COVID -19 tracking applications help in tracking the infected people and at the same time also help people by providing instant self-quarantine solutions. From the past one month, there is a huge rise in the download rate of these applications throughout the world. Even to make applications more powerful the two Silicon Valley tech giants, have collaborated for the development of an application that will help people and healthcare staff in tracking the COVID patients in the vicinity.

The mobile app developers are doing their best to create applications that help in identifying hotspots and also safeguard user privacy at the same time. Here we are going to discuss the best applications to track the Covid-19 outbreak.

corona virus tracking app

COVID watch

This app is developed in partnership with Stanford University. COVID Watch application helps people to protect themselves from the infected people in their communities without the need of surrendering their privacy. The app uses Bluetooth signals to track and detect the data. It informs the users about when they are near to the infected person or in contact with someone who has symptoms related to COVID-19. The best feature of this app is that the government cannot track your data and thus your privacy is maintained efficiently.


Well, this app is launch by the Health Ministry of Israel. This app is embedded with the features that help in tracking the people with COVID-9 symptoms and also helps in the spread of the deadly infection. If you are using this app then it will allow you with the data about the past 15 days in which you can check whether you were in contact with a person having the Coronavirus. If it shows that a particular user was certainly in closeness with a corona infected person, then the app helps the individual to submit the details on the government website where he can register for a self-quarantine period.

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Aarogya Setu

This app was launched by the Indian government and within just one month period the app has received huge recognition in the market. After its inception in the market, the app has received over 50 million users and has become the highest downloaded app in the world to track the Coronavirus pandemic infection. The app notifies its users about the infected people in their nearby area. The app is integrated with Bluetooth tracking features that help in knowing about the infected person in proximity. You can even self check yourself with this app by answering questions. The data is directly linked with the government servers. Aarogya Setu is accessible on both the platforms and can be used in 11 languages.

Corona Virus Tracking Apps

COVID Symptom Tracker

To provide people with the best tracking results this app has been designed by expert doctors and researchers. The app has been developed by Zoe Global a private healthcare company. The app analyzes the symptoms of the people and then help others. The data from this app is used by healthcare purposes so that the symptoms of the virus can be tracked carefully to avoid the spread.

Trace Together

If you are using a Singapore based mobile number then you can download this app. The app uses Bluetooth for tracing the infected people. TraceTogether is a phone number tracing app that uses Bluetooth to track Covid-19 infected people and notify the app user about the people they were in contact in the past fifteen days. The app does not track the infection of people using GPS location. The app does not reveal your identity to others and the app is developed by Government Technology Agency (GovTech) in partnership with MOH, for contact tracing.

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Let’s Beat Covid-19

As we all want to beat this pandemic, so this app LetsBeatCOVID-19. The app is developed in such a manner that it allows its users to answer the questions about their health that help the government to know about the infected people and save the lives of others. This app also provides information related to COVID-19. The app Let’s Beat Covid-19 has been developed by MedShr.

NHS smartphone app

Well, this contact tracing NHS smartphone app is developed by the National Health Service, the national healthcare system of England. The App is also well known as NHSX. The innovative app by the national healthcare system of England helps people in analyzing the various patterns of the virus and also helps in knowing the hotspots where the maximum cases of Covid-19 occurred. The British health secretary Matt Hannock is urging people to download this app once it’s available. The app categorizes all details based on various locations so that people can perform their household work freely.


The application has gained huge recognition in Indonesia due to its multiple features. The app PeduliLindungi is developed by the Indonesian Communications and Information Ministry. Through this app, the users can collect the data related to the virus and help the government to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in their communities with their efforts to track confirmed COVID-19 cases. The app also has Bluetooth features in it through which a user can easily analyze the infected people in the vicinity.

Kwarantana Dommowa

Without any doubt, Poland has been one of the foremost Western countries to develop out a mobile application. The app developed help in collecting personal information, as well as location and digital photos of the individual infected with the Covid-19 pandemic. With this app, the exact location can be identified easily. Kwarantana Dommowa also suggests people about the self Quarantine’ period if they are having symptoms.

The Corona DataSpende

It is the best app developed to check the spread of the coronavirus. The Corona DataSpende is a German smartwatch app that monitors the spread of coronavirus by collecting the data and signals from the nearby people. The app tracks pulse rate, sleep patterns, and body temperature. It is the best app to check whether you have developed any Covid-19 symptoms or you were in contact with an infected person.


In simpler words, to make these apps effective in a real sense the technical experts have to make sure that these digital technology applications provide the best features in terms of functionality, and security to the users and also avoid error rates at the same time. Many mobile app development companies are developing Covid-19 tracking applications that help in providing fast response, containment support, hotspots data, and other features to the users. Moreover, if you feel we are missing any application in the list then you can share the name of the app and we will mention it in our upcoming blog.

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