The iOS 14.5 beta version initially resolves the unwanted shading issue that coming on a few numbers of iPhone 12 displays mostly in the UAE. Apple’s newly launched beta version of iPadOS and iOS apparently eliminated the screen problem that has arrived few months before on iPhone 12. Now the question is what we call an issue is a visible green tint or any other color shades spotting on the device’s display that have been registered by different users and noticed in multiple reports. However, Apple never ever disclosed or announced anything regarding this screen spot issue and not even comment on such speculation reports.

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The maker of the iPhone did not consider or refer directly to this problem, but they produce notes for both iPad and iOS’s beta 2 versions that render the display issue – under ‘Known issues’ – has been ‘resolved’. 

Apple’s Newly Release Beta iOS Solves iPhone 12 Display Related Issues

Both in iPadOS and iOS, 124.5 beta 2 versions have a predominant optimization programming to decreases the dim glow appearance that possibly comes under fewer brightness levels with black-colored backgrounds. However, according to the report of Forbes, this display screen issue has solved, and for a certain number of users, this solution is working hassle-free.  

During this time period, the solution can be applied for beta users only, and the major deal will appear during the 14.5 version general rollout. However, there is no certain date has declared by Apple. After the immediate launch of the iPhone Pro Max and iPhone 12 in the market, this problem has arisen and brought to light last November.

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