There are innumerable apps available on the app stores that can help your kids in their studies and co-curricular activities but do you know there are certain applications that might ruin their youth and lead them to a wrong path?

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5 Mobile apps your kids dont want to know about-

If your children have their own smartphone devices then make sure you are aware of these 5 mobile apps for ensuring your kids safety and keeping them away from potential damage.

1. Yubo

Yubo app is alike Tinder app and hence, popularly called “Tinder for teenagers”. Tinder is a popular adult dating app where users can find a romantic partner for themselves. This app was previously named as Yellow and it was released in the year 2015. The function of this app is enable family and friends to use the live stream option with a maximum of 10 people and even let Snapchat users to make and meet new friends and this is where the dating part for kids and teens comes into play. Even though it is mandatory for the Yobo users to be of age 13 and above for creating an account on this platform yet the lack of identity proof requirements makes it possible for kids below 13 to use this app.

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2. Holla

The use of this app enables users to get connected with strangers over a video chat. The majority of users that are on this app are basically children and its stranger element can make them vulnerable to unseen risks. This app requires users to share personal information while signing up and has no proper function that can testify the actual age of the user.

3. Bitlife

Bitlife is an app that has a unique concept of allowing someone else to control a user’s life. Users on this application can choose exactly what actions their character will supposedly take when they go about their day. They can choose good or bad character and accordingly work on their day. The bad character encourages users to take drastic measures like harming someone, hooking up, drinking, abusing, consuming drugs, smoking, eve-teasing, etc.

4. Hoop

Hoop lets users in making strangers as their new buddies on Snapchat. Users can use Hoop app only after they get it linked to their respective Snapchat accounts. Users can discover various profiles and click on the Snapchat icon for requesting the username of the profile they show interest in. The concept of judging people and sharing your sensitive information on this app can impose huge risks on a teenager and hence you should make sure your kids are keeping safe distance from such dangerous apps. So this is one of those apps your kids don’t want you to know about.

5. Wink

Wink enables users to discover other Snapchat users. This app makes it easier for the teenagers to share their personal data with strangers. Parents must ensure that their kids don’t fall prey into such apps for their own safety.


As parents it is very important for us to protect our kids from becoming a potential victim of online threats. Make sure you are keeping your children away from the afore-mentioned 5 apps.

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