Mobile app development has recently got much transformed due to ever-increasing technological innovations and developers’ approach towards swift and reliable app development. If you are looking forward to strike a balance between development cost and its time, we have some crucial information to offer you through this blog. Any app development project includes several costs among which some are direct and some hidden. We have tried to cover maximum aspects of software development lifecycle so that you can effectively figure out the cost for your android app development project. Before we proceed with Android app development cost in 2022, you need to understand some basic concepts that affect a project’s cost. So, let’s start discussing them one-by-one and we hope that you will surely rejoice reading this blog with its in-depth analysis on app development process and costs attached to it.

App Design

App Design

When it comes to developing an app for Android users, you have to consider number of screens on which your app will perform. As you know, Android is the most popular operating system in world with more than 2.5 billion users worldwide. So, you must ask your app designers to make unique and exceptional app designs which are also compatible to different android devices with varying screen sizes. This can take much time and effort as designers have to prove themselves both creatively and technically.

Features & Functionalities

Features & Functionalities of Android App Development

This is the most prominent factor that affects Android app development cost. You must deeply analyze your business requirements and then come up with possible features and functionalities through which you can serve that purpose through your app. Don’t copy your competitors and try to offer relevant features and functionalities that best reflect your niche. Incorporating each feature in your app will require much time, effort, and money into it. Hence, the total number of features and complexities involved in functional areas will also add to the development cost of your app.

Use of Advanced Technologies

Apart from usual app development tools, libraries, and support, you may ask your iOS app development company to use some advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and AR/VR to launch absolutely distinguished app for your users. This will also increase the development cost as installing these technologies and leveraging their fullest potential will require huge investments into the project.

Type of App

Mobile app development has certainly got much diversified catering to worldwide demand for app development and for different budgets. You can choose among hybrid apps, web-based apps, and native app development. This will depend much on the available budget and the complexity of the project. Native app development is considered best among all in terms of performance, security, and scalability. Cross-platform and web-based apps require single code base to perform on multiple platforms and thus, are much affordable and time saving in comparison to native app development.

Location of App Development Company

Location of App Development Company

The geographical location of your Android app development company also plays a crucial role in deciding the total development cost of your project. Generally, most app development agencies charge a per hour development rate and this varies a lot as per their geographical locations. For instance, US offers a per hour development rate ranging between $ 120 to $150 whereas in UK& Australia, it’s $100 to $120 and in Western Europe, it’s $ 80 to $100. India, Ukraine, UAE, and Egypt are some countries that offer the most affordable per hour development rates. A major reason why these nations are preferred most for outsourcing software development services.

Hidden Costs

There are certain hidden costs too that may add to your Android app development cost. These costs include functional costs for third party integrations, admin or management costs, infrastructural costs, and support and maintenance charges. However, a reputed and renowned iOS app development company will include all these costs in its total cost and you need not pay any extra amount for these. Discuss this aspect clearly with your service provider before signing an agreement with them.

Category-wise App Development Costs

Taking into account all the above-mentioned factors, we have thoroughly worked on different types of app development projects to offer you almost exact Android app development cost in 2022 for each category. Let’s have a look on this.

Taxi App Development:USD 32000 to USD 40000

Gaming App Development:USD 25000 to USD 35000

Retail App Development:USD 45000 to USD 60000

E-Commerce App Development:USD 35000 to USD 50000

Video Streaming App:USD 38000 to USD 45000

Food Delivery App:USD 25000 to USD 35000

Dating App:USD 28000 to USD 35000

Healthcare App:USD 25000 to USD 45000

All these estimates are for developing a native Android app from scratch. Moreover, we have calculated this on the basis of certain popular apps in a particular category. For instance, developing an Uber clone (taxi app) will cost you above USD 65000 for Android version only but we have taken into account some must-have features to get started with.


We hope that you must have got a fair idea about Android app development cost and factors that affect it. Plan your budget accordingly and discuss each aspect clearly with you service provider to avoid any disappointments and confusion.

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