Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces and offers a variety of services to its users, but it also has a threat of fraud. Recently, from resources, it is clear that Amazon is testing a new feature that aimed to identify third-party sellers through video conferencing. Amazon itself declared this news through its official account. This latest feature is one of the parts of Amazon’s series of seller-identification that uses to fight against fraud on its platform. The company also declared that this series helped them in stopping 2.5 million suspected sellers from posting their products on Amazon in 2019.

Amazon began testing a process earlier this year that conducted seller verifications in person. However, the company said that it was planning to hold live video conferencing in February due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and social distance. The pilot program currently runs in many countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, China, and Japan. To date, over 1,000 vendors have attempted to report a pilot encounter in their accounts, Amazon reports.

For Amazon to verify its customers, the team makes a video call and then tests whether the user ID suits the customer and the documents that they exchange. Additional testing is also available from Amazon collaborators in third-party data repositories. The call can also be used to remind the seller of problems with its registration and how to fix them.

Amazon is also creative so that good businessmen can effortlessly open a sales account and start a company, while proactively blocking poor players, a person for Amazon says. We are trying a method to verify the identification of possible sellers via videoconferencing as we practice social distancing. This pilot enables us to link individuals to potential vendors, making it much harder to hide for fraudsters, they said.

Amazon also uses a proprietary machine learning system for vet sellers in addition to video conferencing, before they allowed online. The program analyzes the perceived risk from several hundred separate data points, including how it applies, for example, to another account that has been excluded previously from the marketplace. Trained investigators will also review the applications of sellers before they are approved.

The problem remains serious across online markets, where sellers hawk falsifies goods and scam consumers. Several stores such as Adidas and Birkenstock find that the problem does not make sense to handle Amazon.

Although the retailer has long been accused of ignoring the challenges of fraud, in recent years it has invested billions to combat the issue and has been engaged in legal battles against fake dealers and counterfeiters. In 2018, it filed three cases with fashion designer Vera Bradley and smartphone accessories maker Otterbox in connection with counterfeits. Sellers received false reviews and others in the fraudulent evaluation industry have also been sued.

Another method, serialization, helps companies to have a special code during manufacturing on their goods that can later be checked to verify if a transaction is genuine. This platform was applied to other markets last summer, including Europe, Canada, and India. It was also known as Openness.

However, contrary to earlier attempts, inventory testing is targeted at minimizing items that are first and foremost listed – not just delete after the listing goes live or prevents the distribution of counterfeit goods to consumers.

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