Amazon is one of the largest e-Commerce companies providing various other services like entertainment, wallet, and many more. It always comes with some new advantages to enhance the experience of its users. In the current epidemic situation, the company is trying its best to provide support and do something for the betterment of people. Now it again comes with a new update to provide support during COVID-19 and stand in the fight against this pandemic.

Through a report published on Monday, it found that Amazon’s Lab126, the hardware company that produces a Kindle e-reader and its smart Echo Speaker, recruits engineers to work on its own COVID-19 research initiative. Amazon is currently arranging nasal swabs and saliva tests with existing facilities to test its workers for the new coronavirus. Yet the main aim of Amazon is to build a comprehensive research network with a central research hub and to develop this new recruit.

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Lab126 started to grow the best-selling Kindle family of products as an affiliate of, Inc. in 2004. Since then, it has developed innovative appliances such as Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Screen, and read a concise listing for a senior design engineer. The main tasks of Lab126 will be ‘responsible for identity, introduce and evaluate machinery and automation to support the Amazon’s COVID-19 research program,’ says the report, “with the latest pandemic, the task of helping to keep the Fulfillment Center healthy for employees.”

Lab126 is located in Sunnyvale, California, Silicon Valley. The listings for these positions however suggest they are at the Hebron air freight hub in Kentucky, near the plant and where the plant plans to build its largest research laboratory, according to a Bloomberg News story last week. The aim is to bring samples to the research laboratory to handle Amazon-managed air freight jets from Amazon warehouses across the USA. It is also seen that Sunnyvale’s Lab126 Bureau aims to involve microbiologists and other medical researchers as well as the non-engineering and science-related task in establishing a multi-state medical testing network.

While part of a larger pledge of $4 trillion to the pandemic, Amazon said in the latest quarterly income announcement that it expects to invest at least $300 million on research activities by the end of June. Not only does it stay uncomplicated by lockouts and shelter requests, but it has also improved over the duration of COVID-19 as Amazon resources focus more on it. At a part of its non-stop practices and quick recruiting, Amazon is under criticism for maintaining workplace health at a time when an overwhelming majority of stores have stayed open only at short range, excluding its corporate headquarters.

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Amazon has been accused of not adequately disclosing pathogens to the employees and conducting operating practices without thorough cleansing of the factory facilities by analysts and retail staff themselves. Amazon refuses to divulge the number of employees who tested for this virus positively, and the company has not yet confirmed that its employees have died. The number of Amazon workers who died of COVID-19 at 8 as of previous week has so far been identified by media coverage.

Amazon has achieved results so far by reuse internal infrastructure and equipment classes to counter COVID-19. Via its robotics subsidiary, which currently operates on its drone and warehouse robotics initiative, the organization also offers face masks for front line staff. Robotics engineers have now built warehouse sorting machines to minimize interaction with human beings, while storage cameras are also tracking breaches of guidelines and roving surveillance devices armed with ultraviolet light emitters, reports Bloomberg.

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