On Thursday, HMD Global started on its ever biggest release of Nokia phones, and it amplifies the emotions of people. This multinational organization declared six latest smartphones around their popular three series, as it grabs users’ faith and in the cut-throat smartphone industry the device’s longevity to enhance its share in the market.

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Nokia has come with the latest X10, X20, G10, G20, C10, and C20 editions that add to HMD Global’s long listed series of this world-famous brand, continuing to releases since the come back of Nokia in 2016. It is undoubted to say the past 12 months were pretty challenging, yet they took a pause to think and get ready for a big step to start their new journey- said the HMD Global CEO, Florian Seiche in a release. 

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Nokia always prefers to approach business and technology with common people’s priorities and it will reflect on its new smartphone series. Moreover, they want people’s love and faith in their newly launched durable smartphone devices that are their signature.   

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This series launch has been bannered by the X series. While it has not been portrayed as flagship devices though it provides top-notch features including a quad-camera lens. Meanwhile, the all-new C and G series offers to the entry-level and intermediate market. Across all price and feature ranges, Nokia has hammered on its durability design for which they are widely popular. Apart from that, Nokia has also promised to serve security updates for three years, OS updates for two years as well as an Android one experience guaranteed.

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