The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA) and Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) declared a partnership today which will give support for startup building next-generation technology to address challenges that acing the next generation. Adio is serving Dh15 million over last three continuous year to fund ECA’s Anjal Z programme that finds to implant creation in Abu Dhabi’s education sector.

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Anjal Z Cohort 02’s application are now open for investors from across the globe. Abu Dhabi funding massively in encouraging competitive and allowing environment for various tech startups, assuring they get greater access to the help and funding needed to succeed. A crucial role has played by Adio in integrating the tech ecosystem of emirate. Its collaborates with ECA under tha Innovation Programme will enhance support for private firms finding to create for local and global influence.

Adio, ECA to Offer Help for Startup Building Next-gen Tech

The Director-General of Adio, Dr Tariq bin Hendi stated that the previous year has showed the potential to heavily accelerate the betterment and adoption of modern technologies and different working ways in the society and economy. Innovation possess the key to fixing multiple of the major challenges facing them today and in upcoming time, and they are willing to entitle the bold strategies and pioneering organizations making the path for a brighter tomorrow regionally and worldwide. Adio is connecting resources, entitles, and support from around Abu Dhabi to develop a perfect environment where potential startups and great inventive ideas could take root and flourish. 

Adio is merging with ECA on the Anjal Z programme to implant innovation in the early childhood sector. Inaugural cohort of Anjal Z. It was done in 2020, contained startups and entrepreneurs that werecreated to localise their services for Abu Dhabi and pursue their products to a larger market. 

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