Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) has declared that a business tie-up will be done with the renowned South Korean company Bespin Global. A cloud technology management and consulting company Bespin Global is erecting their regional headquarters along with two large innovation centers in Abu Dhabi. In terms of stimulating digital information transformation in the capital of UAE.  

Abu Dhabi Tempts Korean Technology takes a Vital role as part of $545 million Initiative

These two big business tycoons collaborating with each other and will help the South Korean organization to achieve both financial and non-financial inducement for establishing their project in Hub71, the global tech ecosystem of Abu Dhabi.  This collaboration is a part of the Innovation program that accumulated AED2 billion ($545 million) amount. A primary initiative has taken by Abu Dhabi’s Ghadan 21 accelerator project. 

Abu Dhabi Tempts Korean Technology takes a Vital role as part of $545 million Initiative

In 2015 Bespin Global was constructed in South Korea that spread its cloud consultant business all over the globe. They serve their customers’ cloud strategy build-up,  implementation, migration, Big Data transformation, DevOps, and end-to-end cloud services. The director-general of ADIO, Dr. Tariq Bin Hendi stated that Abu Dhabi is committed to being championing constructive disruption. They are effectively motivating innovation technology along with encouraging positive solutions that lead them to long-run success.  

Under this collaboration, Bespin Global will develop its trading and technical team that perform activities like providing fintech and financial services. This common goal sharing of these two big business names helps them to build-up virtual services and support enterprises with the complete utilization of the cloud. 

They will also tie-up various local universities that gives employment to 5-10 Emirati interns every single year. It is a promising step from these two organizations to nurture emerging talent for working on hackathon hosting programs. Moreover, this partnership opens up a new path to develop an innovative business policy within AgTech, ICT, Tourism, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Biopharma industry.Travel App Development Company in UAE, Fluper.ae!

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