Abu Dhabi Department of Health is all set to help COVID-19 patients under self-isolation with the new and advanced smartwatches. The smart wrist band will assist in tracking and monitoring coronavirus symptoms for patients with mild symptoms.

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COVID-19 patients who are put under self-quarantine at homes by health authorities here will be able to monitor their symptoms via a smart wrist band. The band connects with the ALHOSN app. With this app’s help, health authorities will be able to track the conditions of patients who are at an increased risk. The app works with the Bluetooth connectivity on smart mobile phones.

Patients under self-isolation can fix the smart band on their arms to track and monitor coronavirus symptoms. A unique health criterion is set by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, considering which; doctors will allow patients for self-isolation.

The smart wrist bands cater to patients visiting the Covid-19 Prime Assessment Centre at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (Adnec). Based on the mild to severe health conditions and COVID-19 symptoms, doctors in the UAE recommend COVID-19 patients to get hospitalized or are recommended self-quarantine at homes.

Apart from offering COVID-19 patients, the COVID dedicated smart wrist bands, health authorities in Abu Dhabi also provide further guidance on combating coronavirus.

The patients can remove smart monitoring bands only after obtaining two negative COVID-19 results.

According to the Department of Health, this electronic gadget is designed primarily to help COVID-19 patients under self-quarantine on a real-time basis. The invention of electronic devices like smart wrist bands will help patients with mild symptoms to treat themselves at home. COVID-19 patients with no risk factors need not get hospitalized for their treatment, as per the health authorities.

Effective health measures are being taken by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, which made the brought the recoveries from deadly virus down to 21,806. The country is reporting more improvements than new cases, a report on Sunday said.

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Presently the death toll of the UAE is 276 when one more death was reported on Sunday. The report also revealed that the COVID-19 testing number is more than 2.5 million. Elderly and those with low immunity levels are prone to this deadly virus, authorities say.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) pays condolences to the families who lost their closed ones and wished for a speedy recovery of COVID-19 patients. The ministry also asks the general public to abide by social distancing norms and to ensure hygiene and sanitization.

The authorities have eased some restrictions because of the problems issued by people. Also, those who are not adhering to limitations are fined by the police forces in the country.

Both government and citizens of the country will be able to fight deadly coronavirus by taking proper preventive health and safety measures.

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