In the UAE, a new study report based on 200 participants reveals Users are carrying more than 10 social media accounts on different platforms. 79 percent of the young generation in Arab thinks social media is a huge platform for fundamental news sources; as the report says 25 percent has increased from 2015. 

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In the Middle East countries, youth spend 3.5 hours a day on average over various social media. A report published on Sunday, by the widely popular ‘How the Middle East Used Social Media in 2020’ this result has come out. The academy has first released its significant report on the usage of social media platforms in this particular region, including appropriate highlights of 2020 social media and displays highly influentials on the Arab and worldwide scene.

More than 10 social Media Accounts

The report has built up upon 200 and more references, sources, and by following substantial research developed by a passionate, intelligent group of arts, journalism, public policy researchers, and analysts. The New Media Academy’s CEO, Rashid AlAwadhi said that they have witnessed a gradual blooming in quality, quantity, and diversified virtual content in countries of the Middle East. The world over the past couple of months has also raised quality, diversity to institutions and individuals towards virtual and digital media in the aftermath of the Cornovirus pandemic.

The most vital social media trends WhatsApp, Youtube, and Google has played a pivotal role in 2020. It shows a dramatic enhancement in the adaptation of these platforms between the COVID-19 pandemic wake and its repercussions; the report reveals. Al Awadhi described in his words, they are hoping this Social Media Report of 2020 will permit decision-takers, private organizations, content developers, and Government leaders to get immense profit from the trustable outputs to develop relevant strategies.

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