Playing Games on mobile is now one of the most entertaining activities that anyone can enjoy at any time. The popularities of the games, especially the video game development is now sky-high. The evolution in the Gaming Apps industry has started in the last decade. Simple and monotonous Games turned into interactive, customizable video games with the help of advanced technologies.

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The success of Games like, PUBG, Candy Crush and Subway Surfer tells that investing in Gaming Apps is a profitable move for your business. The demand for Gaming App Development is booming high with the increase in Smartphone users.

Market size of Gaming Apps:

The Gaming industry is skyrocketing since the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic and nationwide lockdown when many people took Game platforms as their favorite pass-time. It was valued at USD 198.40 billion in 2021. If it expands at a CAGR of 8.94%, it’ll reach USD 339.95 billion by 2027. So, developing Gaming Apps is a brilliant idea for businesses. If you have a plan for Gaming App Development, follow our Step-by-Step Guide for Making Gaming Apps.

What Are The Different Types Of Gaming Apps?

Different Types Of Gaming Apps

From the beginner’s point of view, these are the few types of Gaming Apps on which basis, most of the Games are built.

1. Puzzles

2. Casual games

3. Platform games

4. Arcade games

5. Multiplayer games

6. FPS (First-person shooter) games

If you wish to design games beyond the conventional boundaries, you have the option of developing 3D Gaming Apps like MMO and FPS. They need more coding and more budget.

Checklist for developing Gaming Apps:

Step-by-step guide for Gaming App Development

Any Game development requires the following types of equipment.

• Computer: It needs to install the Game engine.

• Smartphones: It requires as you’re developing Gaming Apps for this device.

• A developer account: You need a developer account to submit the app to Google Playstore or Apple’s Appstore. Playstore needs $25 registration fees for one time and Appstore needs $99 per year.

• Game Assets: You need some game assets like background, music, character and menu and more. A Mobile Game Development Company has its landscapes. But, you can buy it online or find some free resources.

Step-by-step guide for Gaming App Development:

This is a guide for building a gaming app from scratch.

1. Game Idea:

A stunning game idea is the foundation of Gaming App Development. The idea comes from your passion for games. An out-of-box idea increases the chances of the popularity of the games. For example, Candy crush is an advanced version of a matching-grid game. The developer makes this game more creative with the simple idea of adding characters, stories, animation and more.

2. Story making:

If your game contains a story, it can entertain the players for a long period. So, the story is the key to a brilliant Gaming App Development. It gives purpose to the players and lets your game stand in the crowd. The game Subway surfer is just running for endless hours after hours. If you add a story to this game, players will be more interested in playing the game.

3. Game Concept:

The concept of the game is based on the following things.

• Game Mechanics

It is the rules of the game. The players need it to reach the goal of the game. A proper Game Mechanic is important for user experience.

• Settings

Any Gaming App has two parts- Story and Ascetics.

The story is the environment of the game that determines what is happening and what’ll be happened during playing the game.

Game Ascetics is all about its looks, feel and sound.

• Technology

The technologies of the Gaming Apps are based on the feature you incorporate in the game and on which platform you want to run the game.

• Interaction

The interaction is based on the concept of how players will interact with the game and how will they control the game or the character. How much space on the screen that the game utilizes is also an important part of the concept as it attracts new players.

4. Identify Key Platforms:

You need to choose a platform like Android, iOS or Windows for running the gaming apps. You can also go for a hybrid model. But, developing a Gaming app for multiple platforms needs extra cost.

5. Game designing:

In Gaming App Development interface designing is the most crucial part. The first thing user check before downloading any game is its interface. An innovative and interactive UX design helps in building a rich customer base engages them in-game and improves the monetization of the app. Creative UX designing is challenging as a perfect blending of satisfying user experience with the logic and graphics of the Gameplay. A good Mobile Game Development Company invests a lot of breathing in life to design the art, characters, and the overall look and feel of the game.

6. Build A Monetization Strategy:

Gaming App Development is a subject of huge investment. You need to build a robust monetization strategy to earn revenue in the business. Some trendy ways to achieve this are:

• Ads:

You can use the Pay-Per-Click revenue model to earn commission from displaying Ads for different apps in your Gaming App. But, you need to be careful about placing the Ad as sometimes they could be so annoying that they might be ineffective for your App,

• In-app Purchases

This is an efficient way of earning profit from users who choose to play the freemium model of the app. The players purchase the characters, bullets and more from the App. Android and IOS charge a little amount of commission from every In-app-purchase.

• Premium versions

You can earn from releasing a premium version of your Game with the Pay-Once model. But that can affect the download rate of your app. It’s better to provide a free trial or demo before asking for the premium model.

• Pay-per-download

A high-quality and high-investment game has this strategy of monetization.

7. Decide Technology

The technology stack for Gaming Apps depends upon the device platform. Native development is the best choice for the high-performance game. Web technology, like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and programming language java for Android and Swift for iOS are used in Gaming App Development. Choosing the right tech stack directly affects the performance and user experience of the Game in future.

8. Testing is the Key

Testing each step of the Gaming App from a prototype to a final product is an integral part of mobile Gaming App Development. You can opt for QA or Beta testing for fixing bugs and errors.

9. Support and Maintenance

Once you’ve developed the app, you need to keep updating the gaming app with new features, rewards and new surprises to entertain and engage the players in the game. Apart from that providing maintenance is required for better performance.

Bottom line:

If you follow every step of this Gaming App Development process, the final version of your game will shape into reality. It’s better to hire a Mobile Game Development company to develop gaming Apps that gaming enthusiasts can enjoy.

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