The trend of mobile applications or apps is all the rage and is not going away any sooner. It is a thing of past now when mobiles were used to make calls and send occasional messages only. The usage of highly advanced mobile applications is pushing boundaries in terms of up gradation and new-styled features. And what are these phones without potential installed mobile applications? It is both exciting as well as challenging for successful mobile app entrepreneurs to cope with the cut-throat competition in this world of technology.


From traveling on the go to ordering home essentials online, we require an app for literally everything. Studies tell that an average of 10% of users checks their mobile every four minutes. Most of us are reading this information on our devices even now.

A thriving and not surviving mobile app development company is the one that keeps a close check on its counterparts and learns from their mistakes. The play store is full of apps that are similar to your business modules, and there is no dearth of mobile apps for potential users. App entrepreneurship requires exclusive skills to get ahead of the pack. Before getting to know the secrets behind the achievement of successful mobile app entrepreneurs, we need to understand the prevailing trend of mobile application usage.

Statistics of Mobile App Usage     

The usage of smartphones is increasing exponentially. With this ever-growing increase, the mobile applications world is also thriving. There cannot be seen any declining percentage of any android app development company in the foreseeable future. A study conducted in the year 2019 shows that the users from Google Play downloaded over 21.3 billion mobile apps.

However, it comes as no surprise that the Apple app store is taking over the applications world. Mobile App Development Companies have estimated that by 2023, these applications will generate around 9935 billion USD via paid downloads. The year 2019 also witnessed a corresponding downward trend in the retention trades. A significant section of apps were the ones accessed only once after download. Some experts from the mobile app Development Company also predict an exponential growth of 25% globally between 2018 and 2022.

Let us now explore the most popular tips and tricks successful mobile app entrepreneurs are using to get noticed.

Stand out from the Clutter

To make your app work and get noticed, the android app development company or an IOS app development brand need to do something special for the users. The raging trend in the field of app development barely leaves any scope for new apps to take place. To stand out different and unique, a mobile app development company needs to have differentiated USPs based on their target audiences. Don’t do what your competitors are doing with their business. Be unique, and it works like anything.

Understand app downloads vs. usage 

What is your aim as an entrepreneur? A brand with lots of downloads, or the one with credible downloads as well as relevant active users? To keep the number of your active users on point, a business needs to understand the requirements of its consumers and target audiences. This tactic for an established business is undoubtedly going to translate to the active users for your brand.

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Simplicity and Innovation – Essence of App Design 

Innovation is the foundation of a successful mobile app entrepreneurship. To be a successful mobile app entrepreneur, one has to evolve a completely innovative, unique app idea to engage the audience. Whatever way it may take, one needs to make sure your brand’s mobile application has its own USP and deals with an explicit problem in a way that is exclusive. Remember, the most successful apps are those that abridge people’s wants by offering them an innovative way out to their routine problems.

Application analysis is leading the pack. 

The journey and the destination of a successful mobile application are incomplete without detailed study and analyzing the user responsible for your app. Daily analysis of the app will not only help you understand consumer behavior but will also help in recognizing the current trends. Review customer feedback and ratings will also help in improving the strategies for your brand as well as mobile applications.

The right way of Promotions is the key.

In an android app development company, a good marketer would understand that ideal promotional ways need to be implemented based on the business requirements. The durability and ever-lasting impact of an app relies on the active promotion of the mobile app across different online mediums. The more an application reaches the consumer, the more chances it increases for your business growth. Different monetization gateways and subscription plans decide the future of your brand.


Among all other flourishing businesses, becoming a successful mobile app entrepreneur is not a cakewalk. Even during the times of adversities, the trend does not seem to come to an end any soon. Routine advancements in the methods of app running are crucial for your business. It is essential to match the pace of your competitors as well as the consumers. Keeping a close check on the app store, and the tips and tricks of other business are the need of the hour. And you must remember that mere reaching the maximum number of app downloads isn’t a success, keeping the app and its users active is another major factor for a successful mobile app entrepreneur. With your apps or business, you should be able to reach consumers’ minds. Monitor the success stories of your counterparts but also understand where they are falling wrong and pick their wrongs as your next big opportunity. A successful mobile app entrepreneur needs to keep himself and his business up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in this domain.

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