Android is the leading mobile Operating System as it has almost 85 percent of the global market share at the moment. Over 3.04 million apps are currently available in Android Play Store. This is why most entrepreneurs prefer developing android apps for their enterprises. Android based mobile applications are easy to use and have a strong potential to rule the app market in the nearing time.Travel App Development Company in UAE

Android application development solution is currently evolving every single day with the latest technologies and trends owing to its growing popularity and real-time delivery of goods and services. If you are an entrepreneur then you will be required to evaluate the upcoming trends for staying relevant and competent in the ever reforming mobile applications development industry. It is very important for you to understand the upcoming application development trends prior to hiring an enterprise app development company.

Android App Development Trends 2021-

  • Android Instant Applications: Instant applications are quite common in the development of an android app yet they are still becoming more popular with time. These applications allow users to try games or use other applications without even getting them installed on their devices. Android Instant Applications disallow the download of mobile applications and assist the users in utilizing the web faster and that too directly without having the need to install them. Gaming and e-commerce platforms help largely benefit from this technology. The best part about android instant applications is that they don’t take up additional space on the users’ smartphones devices and lowers down the probability of unwanted system interruption. Checkout the best Enterprise App Development Company.

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  • Blockchain Technology: Using blockchain technology you can easily boost transparency and eliminate the probability of unauthorized access in full. This technology can even intermediate strong security protocols. Financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, currency exchanges, etc should prefer opting for blockchain technology while developing dedicated apps for their clients and customers. More than 84 percent of global enterprises are profoundly engaged in incorporating this technology. You can use this technology and minimize the occurrence of data loss and get your data deployed if there is any network failure. Android apps enabled with blockchain technology are highly safe and secure for data encryption. Checkout the leading blockchain app development company.
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Using AI and ML, you can easily automate different tasks, incorporate image identification, process natural language, or analyze data. Creating AI-powered mobile applications will let you augment basic procedures and perform tasks easier. You can even enhance your productivity level by almost 40 percent by using recent AI technologies.
  • Flutter: Flutter enables app developers to use a native interface for both android and iOS platforms. This multiplatform development enables the users in selecting this platform as an important tool for developing mobile applications owing to its flexibility and combinability. Flutter is majorly used due to multiple reasons. Flutter is user-friendly, supports MVP development and has a native design and these are few of the prime reasons as to why you must consider opting for Flutter. Checkout the best Ipad App Development Company.

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  • Chatbots, APM and EMM: Chatbots can help you in assisting your users in real-time. This virtual assistant will let you assist your users on how they can use your app or resolve their queries at the quickest possible time. APM or Application Performance Management and EMM or Enterprise Mobile Management are the two important elements of app development. The use of these two technologies will help you in reducing the slowness of your mobile app. APM and EMM even helps the users with the safety and security of mobile applications and even allows employees in exchanging productive data over android devices.

App Development Trends are endless. Beacon Technology, 5G Technology, Internet of Things or IoT, Android Jetpack, Kotlin Multiplatform, On-demand applications, Mobile Wallets, Motion Layout, AR or Augmented Reality, e-Commerce, Security and Enterprise Solutions, Cloud-based android applications, Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, and Wearable Applications are other few app development trends. The innumerable development trends in the android app development truly states that the android OS will soon provide a seamless and uninterrupted experience for fulfilling client demands.

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