These apps will make your life much convenient and flexible where you will have everything on your fingertips.

Dubai has always been an attraction for worldwide investors and visitors because of the top-notch infrastructure and amenities. Life in Dubai is much hectic where people hardly find time to explore new things and enjoy them. Don’t worry, mobile apps have brought the entire world within our palms where we can access almost anything with utter ease. So, instead of adding more stress to your life, you have a much better option to add some apps in your smartphone that will make your life in Dubai much comfortable. Especially, for expatriates, who don’t have much idea about the city and how to approach different products and services. In this blog, we have mentioned some must-have mobile apps for Dubai residents to make their life in Dubai, much rejoicing and enthralling.

8 Must have apps for Dubai Residents-

1. Careem App-Taxi Hailing Service

Careem App-Taxi Hailing Service

This is an amazing cab booking app that allows you to order online food and access instant cabs anytime anywhere. The app was launched in the year 20212 and has more than 48 million registered users today. All you need to do is to register with the app and make a profile, then enter your pickup & drop location and grab a cab within few minutes. The taxi app development company has developed this app intuitively keeping in mind next-gen requirements to book a taxi. You will be notified with the driver and vehicle’s details where you can track it in real-time. Choose an apt payment method and just pay for it conveniently after reaching your destination safely.

Apart from taxi services, the Careem app also allows you to order online food, shop for daily essentials like some common medicines, egg, meat, and milk. Careem also has a delivery system using which you can easily delivery anything to anyone and from anywhere.

2. Deliveroo App-Food delivery

Deliveroo App-Food delivery

Cuisine is another highly-enjoyed aspect that people love to explore when they are in Dubai. Deliveroo is an exceptional on-demand food delivery app that allows you to order your favorite food from your favorite local or international restaurant. The food app development company has incorporated many user-centric features in Deliveroo to offer from local cuisines to top international brands like Wagamama, KFC, and Burger king. Apart from online food ordering, Deliveroo also allows you to shop for some daily needs like milk, poultry, eggs, breads and some other daily essentials. Using this amazing app, you can choose a desired delivery slot and can track your order in real-time. Be updated with latest deals and offers on restaurants through active notifications and make an in-app payment without any hassles.

3. Washmen-Dry-cleaning app

We understand that you don’t get enough time to walk into the streets, search for a dry cleaner and hand over all your dirty clothes for a dry clean. Washmen will take care of it without putting any extra burden on your pocket. This app is a winner of 2020 Global Best Laundry Awards by CINET. The app offers optic lean, dry clean, and hand wash services and is known for its timely deliveries. Get the same-day pickup with cashless convenience and with exceptional customer support to keep you absolutely relaxed. Just request your laundry pickup and choose among your washing preferences. The app is widely used all across the UAE and people prefer this app because of its unmatched and exceptional laundry services.

4. RTA Dubai-Public Transportation App

RTA Dubai-Public Transportation App

This is one of the best mobile apps for Dubai residents that offers you complete information on Dubai’s public transport. This app is meant specifically for expatriates so that they can easily get acquainted with Dubai’s public transport including, metros, buses, trains, and flights. The app offers complete information regarding schedules, fares, and other facilities that are offered by Dubai public transport. The app also features hundreds of locations across various categories and supports multiple languages like Arabic, Hindi, English, and Russian. The personalized dashboard offers complete information on links to emergency contact numbers, other government services, and for weather updates.

5. Life Pharmacy-Telemedicine App

An app that perfectly caters to every medicine-related requirement that you can easily order and receive in few hours. The app is absolutely free to download where you can conveniently scan and upload any prescription that will be delivered to your doorstep in the quickest possible time. Just take a picture and upload it on the app and the dedicated team will put in all its efforts to deliver that item to your doorstep. You can also earn exciting rewards with vouchers that you can use to redeem against wide range of products available on the app.

 6. Visit Dubai-Official Travel Guide

If you are in Dubai to explore some adventurous places where you can visit, Visit Dubai has no alternative. The app offers complete information on different tourist places in Dubai and acts as a perfect travel companion offering you valuable guidance on Dubai tourism. Depending on the travel locations, you can also create your own itineraries and find various exciting features like currency convertor, maps, and guides to download for offline use. This amazing app is designed and developed keeping in mind expatriates that come to visit Dubai and is available in six different languages including Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, and Mandarin.

7. GuavaPass-Fitness App

This is an extremely useful app for fitness lovers who like to count each calorie. The app offers all-day schedules for maintaining a perfect and healthy lifestyle. You can easily choose among unique set of group exercises and access to fitness studios and various expert partners in the health and fitness sphere. You can explore and book a specific class regarding any workout based on your time, location, and activity that you want to perform. You will find various training sessions including, boxing, Yoga, cardio, bootcamp, CrossFit, dance, and many more things that you can thoroughly enjoy through this wonderful app.

8. NetFlix-Entertainment App

This app will never let you feel bored as it offers an extensive range of entertaining videos, movies, web series, and latest releases. The best part of the app is that the more you use this app, the better it gets in suggesting your favorite shows and movies, based on your preferences. You have to purchase a membership plan for watching seamless content on this amazing app. You can even download the movies and watch them later to save your internet data. You can also create up to five profiles for an account where each profile can experience personalized Netflix as per his/her tastes and preferences.

End Note

All these mobile apps for Dubai residents will surely help them to make their life easier in Dubai where they can access some top-notch services and products with utter convenience. Dubai is making advancements in technology and app development sector where you just have to download the right app for whatever you want to do.

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