If you are visiting Dubai for the very first time or if you are currently a resident of Dubai then make sure you have the following listed mobile applications installed on your smartphones for a hassle-free experience. The below listed apps will make it easier for you to shop groceries, book a car, book a table at your Favourite restaurant, transfer funds, and whatnot.

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Let’s take a look at these must have mobile apps now:

  • InstaShop: This app will allow you to shop fresh groceries, flowers, pet items, medicines and avail maid services at the comfort of your fingertips.
  • Carrefour Now: This app delivers groceries at your doorstep in a matter of maximum an hour. It is undoubtedly the fastest grocery delivery app and a must have for shoppers who seek immediate refill of daily household necessities.
  • Moovit: Moovit app is best for tourists who are unaware of the routes in Dubai. This app will help you guide with the fastest and best route option via your preferred mode of transportation that you are willing to opt to your choice of destination.

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  • Careem: You can install Careem app on your smartphone and avail not just transportation services but also you can order food, groceries, organize a two-wheeler or delivery and more.
  • Amazon: If you have a zest for fashion then consider online shopping from Amazon. This app lets you look through innumerable options in fashion and other household stuff. It is a one-stop solution for almost all your needs and requirements.
  • Life Pharmacy: You can use Life Pharmacy app for ordering prescription medicines anytime and anywhere. Simply take and upload an image of your prescription and insurance card and you are good to go.
  • Washmen: If you need any help with your laundry then do install Washmen app. This app will help you with wash and fold and clean and press service with a lot of ease and convenience.

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Tourists in Dubai and residents can make their life easier in the country by downloading the best mobile applications such as Careem, Life Pharmacy, Washmen, Amazon, Moovit, etc on their smartphones.

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