Quiz games and trivia games have dominated the media over the last several decades. There are many hits such as Jeopardy, who wants to be millionaire, Family Feud, and are you smarter than a fifth-grader have retained their popularity for years.

We are aware of the fact that the Android application development industry is booming. The delivery of high-quality apps serves greater utility in the market. There are over 4.5 million apps available on app stores and are divided into various categories. The categories are defined as arcade, educational, games, dating apps, and many more.

No wonder its fun to sit at home and watch people try to win an online game. Well, there are various ways that you can enjoy that kind of brain-teasing quizzes.

Here are the best quiz games and trivia games for Android! 


A little quiz game where you must guess 94% of the answers to the given question. For instance, it will you a scenario and a user 94% of the answers that fit that scenario. For instance, you have to guess 94% of things that people do when they wake at night. It’s kind of like Family Feud and contains hundreds of questions, plenty of levels, and the developers seem to be updating the game fairly frequently with new content. You can hire android application developers to get the best quiz app developed.

HQ Trivia

It is one of the most popular quiz games from 2018. It features a game show style unlike anything else on this list. It includes a real host that asks you questions live at specific times of the day. The only rule that exists that if you answer it correctly, you will process else it will be eliminated. The people left at the end get actual money. You won’t be able to quit your job to play the game but winning makes you feel great. The session takes place daily at 9 PM EST as well as on the weekdays at 3 PM EST. It makes you 12 opportunities per week to play. The app is free and does not offer any in-app purchases.

Popcorn Trivia

It isn’t the most complex game on a mobile app, though it looks like one. People seem to like the app a lot as it offers a game that is all about movies and film buffs. The quiz boasts a metric ton of movies across many genres by people who label themselves as cinephiles. The developers of the app make it great interesting for its users. It adds new quizzes about movies every week. The process is simple, you enter the quiz about a movie, answer questions about it, see if you have as much knowledge about the film as you think you do. The graphics are quite simple and kind of doesn’t matter because the rest of the game is just that fun. 


It is one of the most popular quiz games that delivers features online PvP Players score more points by answering questions faster than the other players. The winner becomes the player who scores the most points. There are various categories and the number constantly expands and the app also includes big events like holidays, movie releases, etc. The app is much more social than most trivia games. The worst thing about the app is that it holds a lot of advertising. 


The logo game is one of the few free quiz games available on Android. It is a simple guessing game where you see a logo and then have to guess the brand. The app includes 2285 globally recognized brands, 73 levels, and the difficulty increases the longer you play. It comes with Google Play games services, including achievements and leader boards. The game is completely free but does contain advertisements.


The app is an older yet popular quiz game. It features over 7000 trivia questions across a dozen categories. The game also features three game modes (Classic, 20 question mode, arcade mode). The best thing about the app is that it supports offline play. The game’s user interface and graphics are old-school. There is a premium version that is available at $2.99. The premium version supports 3000 questions without a lot of compromises or problems.


Many apps enhance the general knowledge of the mind. Such apps train and checks your mental ability to do things. However, there are many other apps, but the above listed are known and preferred by the users and have positive feedback. You can look out for the best android application development company to get the quiz app developed. Want to know more Robust Mobile Apps

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