Most iPhone users want the upcoming iPhone 13 should have another model name to call, it could be named ‘iPhone 2021’ rather than naming it ‘iPhone 13’, a survey report opined it. The respondents are also voted for the best potential name, with “iPhone (2021)” pursuing the leading spot with nearly 38% of the vote, on Monday AppleInsider reported. 

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Almost 26% thought that the upcoming “iPhone 13” model was the perfect name and only about 13% said that they will like to see this device will be named the “iPhone 12S.” However, Only just 18% of respondents have illusory about the number 13. That renders one in five Apple users, this report stated. 

iPhone 2021, Could be The Best Potential iPhone Series Name

Name aside, most of the users of Apple arrive ready to wait for the upcoming iPhone to debut, stated the survey, that has included more than 3,000 iPad and iPhone users aged 18 years and older in the US. According to the survey that developed between June 10 to June 15, 64% stated that they will skip buying an iPhone now to wait for the latest models to make a debut in the fall. 

SellCell also surveyed the Apple users about their upcoming software update slate, including iOS 15. Greater than half, almost 52% said that they were “slightly” or “not at all” interested in the latest features in iOS 15.    

As far as the most famous latest additions, 23% called the updated Wallet app their favorite, nearly 17% said modern Spotlight search was their top pick and about 14.2% opined the latest Find My features that monitor off or removed devices was their most liked feature. 

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