Behind a mass blackmail attack on hundreds of organizations, globally hackers are suspected, and late on Sunday, they demanded $70 million to restore the data. According to a dark website posting, they are now holding ransom. 

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On a blog post, this demand was appealed typically by the gang of REvil cybercrime, a Russia-based group that is considered as one the most dangerous extortionists and prominent cyber criminals. 

This gang carries out an affiliate structure, occasionally developing tough to understand who speaks on behalf of hackers. However, Allan Liska of cybersecurity company Recorded Future stated presented the message “almost certainly” arrived from REvil’s core leadership. This group has yet not responded to an attempt by Reuters to reach it for comment. 

The Requirement Was Posted On a Typical Blog Operated by the REvil Cybercrime Gang

The ransomware attack of REvil, which this group has accomplished on Friday, was one of the most dramatic things in a rapid enhancement attention-grabbing hacks. This gang has broken into Kaseya, which is a Miami-based company of information technology, and utilized its authority to breach some of its valuable clients’ clients. It is gradually establishing a chain reaction system that soon paralyzed hundreds of companies’ computers globally. 

At Kaseya, an executive stated that the organization was immensely aware of the ransom requirement but it did not instantly return further messages that seeking comment. According to the research report published by cybersecurity company ESE, a dozen various nations were impacted. 

In the last single case, the interference ran over into the public domain while the Swedish Coop grocery store chain needed to close hundreds of stores on Saturday as its cash registers remained offline for the attack.

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