Music stills remains to be the best remedy to nourish your mind anytime anywhere. There might be differences in choices but music feeds a very common thing to all of us; invigoration. This is a major reason why music apps have gained impressive number of downloads from App stores. We often don’t like wasting our internet packs on listening to online music and look for some music apps that don’t need Wi-Fi. To ensure smooth and uninterrupted performance even being offline, you must choose the right music app. Random downloading and then testing their performance will waste too much time and money. We have discussed some best music apps without Wi-Fi that you can consider for listening to music anytime anywhere without having an internet connection.



This wonderful music app has one of the largest music sharing community in world with over 175 million monthly listeners. The app features almost all major brands in music industry and there is hardly anything related to music that you will not find here. Both Android and iOS users can download this app for free from their respective app stores. The Android app development company has developed this app with utter precision and intuitiveness.

Search your favorite audio tracks with its comprehensive and straightforward interface. If you want to add any track to your favorite’s list, you just need to tap that red heart below it. Like this, you can easily create your favorite list that you can listen anytime anywhere without any internet connection.

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This is another one of the major contenders in the list of one of the best music apps without Wi-Fi. This cool app is much popular because of its exceptional features to access your favorite music. This amazing music streaming app also supports podcasts and digital comics that you will certainly love to explore. You can select tracks either by artists name or by simply typing it in the search bar.

If you subscribe for its premium package, you can add up to 3333 songs to your offline playlist. Don’t worry the free version also allows you to pick 15 playlists featuring up to 750 songs that you can listen offline anytime.



Deezer is again one of the best music apps that don’t need a Wi-Fi. Downloading and using this amazing music app is exceptionally simple where get to explore more than 53 million songs from its library. The app offers a wide range of artists and songs from different genres. The ap is used over 182 countries with a worldwide song coverage and the app is almost double in size when compared to Apple Music and Google Play Music.

All features od Deezer are not available in every country and due to some copyright issues, you may not find certain tracks accessible in your country. The best part of using Deezer for music is that you can view lyrics of any track that you want to sing or learn. You can download any song without any active internet connection and make a huge collection of unlimited music.


The app may not be as popular as Spotify but still keeps a large number users depend on it for their daily music fix. If you wish to add a playlist for offline access, you need to make sure that the playlist has been listened to a few times to make it appear on the list. You also need to create Pandora stations for any playlist to access it offline. To add Pandora stations for offline use, you need to tap the slider button on the top left.

If you really want to make the best use of offline music, you better subscribe for its premium package that makes it much simple and hassle-free to add playlists for offline use. You can select between two packages, one starting with $ 4.99 per month and the other for $ 9.99 per month.

Amazon Music

The brand is not new to anyone who has a smartphone and when it comes to music streaming, Amazon simply remains unrivalled in this section too. When we talk about its features, Amazon Music offers exciting set of features to pool up your favorite tracks and listen them anytime without any internet connection.

One of the best music apps that don’t need Wi-Fi, the app also allows you to choose between two premium packages where you have to pay $ 9.99 per month or $ 119 annually. The best part of using Amazon Prime subscription is that you also get access to Prime shopping on products and Prime Video. Hence, the price will certainly keep you entertained with the best of music and some original content on different videos and movies.

Google Play Music

One of the most preferred music streaming apps for all Android users across the globe. Its vast library allows you to upload up to 50000 songs on Play music and that too, without paying any extra money. The app holds an offline playback option that exists by default. To add song for offline access, you just have to tap the three-dot button next to the track. The mobile app development company in Dubai has incorporated several exciting features into it.

The best part of using Google Play Music app is that it suggests music depending on your listening pattern. The thing to be noted here is that, you need to pay $ 9.99 per month (for individual) and $ 14.99 for a family subscription for six members. If your Android version is above Android 4.4, the app comes by default in your phone and you don’t need to download it from app store.

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The app was previously known as Rhapsody and a undoubted pioneer in music streaming services. The app proudly boasts to offer more than 40 million songs in its repository where you can find some renowned artists, wide array of genres, and much more. Napster is also among one of the best music apps that don’t need Wi-Fi with a simple and smooth user interface.

The thing that makes it different from other music streaming apps is its robust search functionality. The app allows offline access to music only to its paid subscribers, so you have to be a part of its subscription if you want to make most out of its music streaming service. You just need to go the settings and activate its offline mode to add your favorite playlists into it.

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