The 5G (Fifth generation), is the next technological revolution in broadband services that will potentially change the way users interact with their surroundings. The impact of implementing 5G in UAE will probably change the course of the future of the country.

What does 5G in UAE mean?

What does 5G in UAE mean

The ‘fifth generation’ (5G) or International Mobile Telecommunications-2020 (IMT-2020) is the next generation of cellular network technology for mobile and fixed wireless applications. 5G is the next necessary step ahead of 4G. As compared to the previous versions of cellular network technology 5G in UAE has the capacity to handle more data flow while guaranteeing a faster and more reliable experience for the user. The 5G technology  used and implemented by IoT App development Company in UAE and Wearable app development company in UAE

Is said to function with a theoretical peak speed of 20 Gigabits per second (GBPS). In contrast to this, 4G technology only had a peak speed of 1GBPS.

How can 5G help?

How can 5G help

As per the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), 5G data technology is supposed to bring the world closer, connecting people, transferring data, using necessary applications, and accessing transport systems. It is supposed to be the harbinger of smart cities with an elaborate networked structure for easy communication.

5G in UAE can help users in interacting and using the internet with much more reliability, speed and ease of use. It should be able to work with a relatively greater amount of data. 5G impact on IoT is huge as 5G in UAE gives the users the power to process very high volumes of data with the least amount of delay.

If implemented well, 5G can offer greater speed and support faster machine-to-machine communications and provide low latency (delay) with higher reliability for security in case of time sensitive applications. This capability of 5g is especially useful in dense urban areas and indoor hotspots where the performance of mobile technology can vary according to individual users.

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) is responsible for monitoring the development of 5G in UAE and has hence set a roadmap for 2016-2020 to achieve 5G deployments in the country. A Steering Committee has been formed which works with the help of three sub-committees to facilitate the process of implementing 5G in UAE.

UAE’s Rank in the Global Connectivity Index

UAE Rank in the Global Connectivity Index

Thanks to the efforts of the IOT App Development Company in UAE and the Wearable app development company in UAE, the country has ranked first amongst all the Arab countries in the Connectivity Index’ issued by Carphone Warehouse. It has also secured the fourth position globally in launching and deploying 5G networks across various sectors and walks of public life.

The ranking of the countries on this index depends on a lot of parameters which include the number of immigrants who migrated to the said country, the strength of their passport in terms of having access to the number of destinations without having the need to arrange   a visa prior to travel.

UAE’s rank in ‘Most Connected Countries’

A country’s ranking in the ‘Most Connected Countries’ index depends on four items :

  • mobility infrastructure
  • information technology
  • global communication
  • social communication.

In this category of the index which is published by Carphone Warehouse, the UAE ranks third globally.

5G and its impact on Internet of Things

5G in UAE developed and used by IoT App development Company in UAE and Wearable app development company in UAE will help in establishing more secure and stable connections. This will especially be useful for devices that rely on real-time updates like locks, security cameras, and other monitoring systems

5G enabled IOT devices will probably have higher connectivity in terms of speed, lesser latency, and greater coverage of network areas.


The introduction of 5G technology IoT App development Company in UAE and Wearable app development company in UAE will impact the lives of every individual in the country. 5G will help in improving the performance of smart devices and the reliability of the connected devices. It will help users to get notifications faster and stay in touch with the rest of the world.

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