Mobile apps have grown much in popularity. People love them for the sake of convenience and flexibility whereas businesses get a chance to enhance their reach and profitability. Today, we have an app for almost everything that we do in our day-to-day lives.

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In past few years we have seen a dramatic surge in app categories and innovative concepts that have been launched via mobile apps.

There are more than 5 million apps available for download on both Apple and Google stores. You must have realized the kind of competition that an app has to face, once it has been launched on stores. It becomes utterly important for you assure your app’s engagement before you launch it. This blog will discuss some major app engagement pillars that can help you launch a highly interactive and engaging app for your users.

A Brief About App Engagement

App Engagement Tricks

Before you dive into the concept, we would like you to focus on some key stats that will highlight the importance of app engagement in today’s highly competitive app world.

  • Half of the apps (50%) are uninstalled within a month of their date of download.
  • 90% of users who engage with an app even once a week, stick around it and stay loyal.
  • “Not in Use” is the biggest reason for almost 40% app users to uninstall an app.

So, you must have realized that mere hiring an Android app development company and launching an app will not make you eligible to rejoice its benefits. App engagement basically comprises the number of hours in a week or a month your users are using your app. This is somehow quite similar to user retention that reflects the engagement that people have with your app. Now, let’s evaluate some crucial factors that directly impact the level of engagement of your mobile app.

Simple & Swift On boarding

Simple & Swift Onboarding

On boarding is a process when a user interacts with your app for the first time after downloading it. Making their on boarding journey hassle-free and swift, you can ensure great user retention besides enhanced engagement. This is among one of the most basic and essential app engagement pillars that you must never ignore. The thing is, users are becoming much concerned about their online data that they share with any mobile app.

Hence, you must not prompt users to fulfill all required information at once. If your app is asking for too many permissions while registering a user, this may trouble them. Allow users to skip sign-in and use the app first, and then send timely reminders to complete their sign-in process.

Inclusiveness is the Key to Succeed

Inclusiveness is the Key to Succeed

When a user lands on your app’s first page, it must offer all relevant information in a comprehensive way. You must have heard, “First impression is the last impression”, and when talking about mobile apps, the saying goes perfect. For reference, you can visit apps like Amazon and Instagram, the iOS app development company has perfectly showcased its deftness in providing comprehensive interface for these apps. These apps have everything at the right place with due relevance of the information provided on each page.

Offering relevant and updated content with perfectly matched images and graphics helps a user to establish good interaction with an app. If sign-in/login process is still a part of your app’s on boarding, try offering an on boarding checklist. This will keep your users aware of the process that they have completed and how much is left.

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A Welcoming Email

You must be wondering that it’s quite usual for any app to send a welcoming email once a user has created an account on the app. The thing is, if you want to gain an extra edge over your competitors, you need to think out-of-the-box. Just walk an extra mile to make your welcoming email more informative for you users where you can really establish genuine relationship with them. This is something that any mobile app development company will not do for you. You can educate them on app’s usage and other key features and functionalities through this mail. Try sending a personalized message providing social proof and other relevant information to drive user engagement.

Users Love Customized Apps

One of the most important app engagement pillars that you can’t afford to avoid. According to various studies and reports on user engagement, personalized messages can increase user engagement by 20%. Getting personal attention is a quite obvious part of human nature. So, you must ask your Android app development company to implement as much customization as possible in your app. Mobile app personalisation is still a deep forest to be explored and you can make most out of it to enhance your app’s user engagement. It can be anything from location-based push notifications to customized in-app messages.

UIs Must Be Informative

It takes few seconds for a user to decide whether he wants to stay with the app or not. An app’s UI plays a crucial role in this. Too many app owners try offering stunningly unique designs for their apps which eventually results in misperception, and then in, uninstallation. This is of course one of the most crucial app engagement pillars to be considered.

A simple but attractive UI is key to offering added advantage to a user to further explore the app and look for its favorite sections in it. Each design must be relevant to the type of product or service that you are going to offer through your app. Also, make sure that you don’t bombard too much information as soon a user installs your app and is looking for something relevant. Keep it short and simple is the key to succeed with app’s UIs.


Adding home screen quick actions and push notifications can be a game-changing aspect in enhancing user engagement. We hope that these 5 tips will help you create a unique mobile app that is highly interactive and delivers contentment to users.

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