Uber is a perfect example of business expansion and has acquired leading industrial support in the market. Industries and companies associated with traveling and transport are joining Uber to make their business operations simplified. Uber has also encouraged other local start-ups and entrepreneurs to come up with relative business plans. Uber freight app is one such example. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

It is a popular application for a goods transportation facility. The business collaborates with various carriers and shippers who work to carry personal and commercial goods globally. The main objective of the Uber freight app is to load and unload goods and products from the marketplace to the place of delivery. The company is also working like a mover and packers’ agency for personal freight.

Many popular start-ups have initiated a corresponding business and are well-recognized by the locals. They are also becoming famous worldwide and expanding their business opportunities. In this post, we’ll talk about 5 rapidly growing start-ups like Uber Freight that you must be aware of. Let’s proceed!

About Uber Freight & Its Amazing Features

The company introduced Uber Freight in February 2017 and it has got more than 100K downloads on the Google Play Store. The app has got a 4-star rating on both Google Play and App Store. It is an application for global carriers and shippers. It works like a bridge between the two and is very easy to use. The carriers can just tap a button on their Uber freight app and it redirects them to a load-booking page.

The app is also offering the best service charges in the market. However, new start-ups are rising in competition and could also surpass Uber Freight someday. Here are some ground-breaking features you find on Uber Freight:

  • Get Accessible Load Details
  • Instant RateCon Facility
  • Better Pricing
  • Smart Load Recommendations
  • Truck Posting Facility
  • Searchable Loadboard
  • Management of Fleet
  • Free 7-Day Trial
  • Easy POD Submission (In-App)

The users can search their loading facility so easily and prepare their freight before booking an order. This Uber for trucking app has changed the global transportation facility and is motivating various new start-ups to introduce their business plan in their local market. Let’s talk about some of those start-ups in the approaching segment!

5 Start-ups like Uber Freight That Are Growing Exceptionally


Uber has a great market share as a global Taxi App Development Company. However, the company is expanding its presence in the on-demand food delivery industry as well. Now, Uber has started showing its potential in the transport and trucking business. Many start-ups have adopted the business idea of Uber and have started providing local transportation services. These services are improving the existing freight transportation.

It is becoming safer for carriers and shippers to get in touch with one other. The Uber for trucking app has given birth to 5 other trucking app businesses that are growing adequate prominence in the market. Here’s a detailed review:

  1. Convoy

Convoy startups

Just like Uber, Convoy is based in the US. It was established in 2015 and soon became a popular trucking and freight transportation company in the country. Since then, the company is giving tough competition to the famous transportation app Uber. You can also hire a Taxi App Development Company and share your trucking business idea to become like Convoy. The company has recently been valued at $1 billion. The company has truly contributed to the existing American Supply Chain Industry.

  1. BlackBuck


BlackBuck was also founded in 2015 by an Indian entrepreneur and is a perfect example of employment-generating business ideas. It has helped Indian truck drivers enhance their work opportunities by 30% in the past 2-3 years. The company’s app is monetized through 15 to 20% commission on every order the truck drivers get. The company has focused on providing a user-friendly and simplistic design to Indian truck drivers who’re usually not tech-savvy. There are no registration fees on BlackBuck.

  1. CargoX

The company is even older than BlackBuck and Convoy. It was incorporated in 2013 when the smartphone culture just started influencing the start-up and entrepreneurial concept. It is a Brazilian trucking app company that has got a business investment from Uber itself. Initially, the company provided a website to the local truck drivers and users but soon entered the mobile app business. The company also has a shipping platform based on blockchain technology and is attracting more trucking businesses and driver attention in South America.

  1. Huochebang

The Chinese market is also progressing on existing online trucking and transport business. Founded in 2008, Huochebang is facilitating more than 6K employees and 5.2 million truck drivers across the country. The app is based on a cloud logistics setup that helps drivers and companies cut fuel costs to a perfect extent. An Android or iOS App Development Company can suggest you advanced cloud solutions following which you may also cut the cost of your trucking business and connect with many users out there.

  1. Yunmanman

It is another Chinese trucking company that’s valued at over $1 billion. The company has raised more than $165 million the last December and is considered the 2nd most used freight and transportation app in the country. The company also employs thousands of truck drivers and takes a little share of their transportation service through their mobile app. The company is expected to invest in AI technology to enhance a healthy collaboration between cargo staff and Chinese truck drivers in the future.

By hiring a dedicated Android or iOS App Development Company you may also serve the transportation and freight industry with your creative mobile app idea. You may also consider trucking and transportation app examples like- Transfix, Cargomatic and Trucker Path, etc.

Ending Thought

The trucking and cargo industry is an evergreen work industry and the technology is making it more profitable over time. By developing a product like the Uber freight app, you can easily partner with various local, national, and international freight companies and bring your start-up idea to life. Share your idea with a trusted mobile app development company today!

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