When you take hundreds of attempts to take a good photo, you probably hate it, but it just doesn’t come outright. Which might be the problem? That may be the hue or the direction or the light. But whatever the problem, the picture editing software will solve it. Most people use cell phones these days. And for them, camera applications will be really useful.

When you have so many picture editing applications out there, it’s hard for you to choose the right one. So, the android app development companies have curated a list of best photo editing applications.

Best Photo editing apps for android:

Photoshop Express

It is certainly one of the best photo apps because of its simple interface and functionality. It has all the standard features (like cropping, scrolling, screen flipping, and image resizing) and much more. User-friendly and free download. Certain features are only accessible if you sign in with an Adobe ID.


  • Remove marks and one-touch dust from the pictures.
  • It has 15 boundaries and frames allowing you to add a special personal touch to the pictures.
  • You can add text or quote to the picture with ease.
  • Have extra filters to make it interesting.
  • You can reduce the fog and haze it produces in some images.


Pixlr was formerly known as Pixlr Express and is one of the popular Android photo editing apps. The android app developers have done a good job of upgrading the app to keep it modern. With a great interface and dynamic features, this app is here to become Android’s best photo app — the great thing about this app that it has features that are useful to you. There are times when apps have features that are in no way useful. Hopefully, that’s something you’re not going to face with this feature.


  • If you want to focus on one color, there’s “color splash.” You can also add impact with “Focal Blur”
  • As for adding effects, you can have so many options.
  • You can keep track of any results you like. The favorite button makes it easy to do.
  • It’s incredibly easy to resize your picture with that app.
  • Add text or captions to the image. There are different fonts.
  • You can easily share your photos with friends via social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Google Photos

It’s an awesome Google Photo Gallery. If you’re a photographer, this little app here helps you organize yourself. Its infinite capacity and sophisticated photo editing tools, this app is sure to be one of Android’s top photography apps. On top of this, uploading is free.


  • You can get collages, animations, pictures films automatically made. Or, you can easily build them yourself, if you like.
  • You can unleash your imagination with their sophisticated and efficient editing software.
  • Have fun with the unlimited storage available from the app.
  • Instantly share your photos with any phone number or email address (right from this app).
  • Your phone storage is no longer a concern, as your pictures are safely backed up.


It’s a potent, safe, and one of Android’s best photo editing apps. The download is free. Also, it’s ad-free. The reason you should think of it as a good app is that it has different filters to change the image. It’s also ridiculously easy to use and the tools that it has will make your job easy. This app also hasn’t had an update since 2018; however, we’re not sure if this is active in mobile app development anymore.


  • Tune the picture to accurate power.
  • Cutting and rotating the image, resizing the fonts, and adding frames with this app is so simple.
  • Add the stylish Bokeh to your images.
  • A stylized text or even plain text can be added. It’s your choice.
  • Color changes with various materials and the potential are infinite.

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This is one of those free photo apps that offer so many things at once. With PhotoGrid, you can remix your photos and share your pictures on various social platforms. But it is just the beginning. You can add filters, tweak the colors, and make it awesome by adding stickers. All in all, it is an app that will give you everything you want.

  • It has more than 300 collage templates. Customize the templates to suit your needs.
  • Add unique stickers, backgrounds, and graffiti, as well as text. You can easily change the contrast, brightness, and layout of your image, too.
  • The latest facial recognition technology will help soften your wrinkles and remove any blemishes. Just a tap helps you to do these things instantly.
  • All elementary editing resources are available.
  • You can attach more than 200 filters (including retro, landscape, halo, and glow) to your photo. The app has over two hundred different backgrounds.


The applications listed here offer much more Android picture editing experience than Photoshop and I believe they will serve our readers well.

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