When it comes to mobile app development, you need libraries that help you to boost the performance of your app. There is a range of popular android libraries that help you in enhancing the user experience to make your app a successful one.Contact Fluper App Development Company

Android libraries are assets that help mobile app developers in the developing cycle and also provide support in the completion of the development. There are various options available in the marketplace, but if you are looking for the best options, then you are on the right page with us.

Android libraries act as game changers as they help in the implementation of code that offers you a well-defined interface. Libraries act as a booster and leverage the efforts of the mobile app developers. In this blog, we are going to deep dive into various categories that make mobile app development companies easier.

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Dagger 2

It is one of the best libraries that android developers use to calculate and recognize dependencies. Dragger 2 is mainly used for Java annotation procedures, and it is used for some specific dependencies. Besides this advantage, this library is a fully static library that helps in checking the performance of the apps that help in validating dependency during run-time.

MPAndroid chart

If you are looking for a library that helps in a graphical view of data that you can use the MPAndroid Chart. MPAndroid chart is mainly used by mobile app development companies to showcase the data in radar, bar, bubble, candlestick, and inline charts. In addition to that, it offers you many options through which you can add animations to the chart.


It is an image processing and loading library that helps in making the image quality of your app outstanding. The library is maintained and created by Square that it is a contributor to open source frameworks. With the help of this, you can simplify the task of displaying images from external locations. Picasso is a great image library for Android that helps you in displaying images from external locations, and thus makes complex image transformations hassle-free. You can use this in every possible step for handling the process of caching the image


If you are looking for an image loading library that makes the process smooth and efficient, then you can use Glide. It is a Google-recommended library that allows android developers to plug in any network stack. It is an effective and flexible option to resize and fetch an image. Moreover, you can avail several benefits linked with this image fetching library that make the development process and decoding operations smoother.


It is one of the renowned barcode scanner libraries that mobile app developers are using currently to retrieve the data. If you are developing a customized Android app, then use Zxing. Many developers use Zxing for barcode scanning. If you need any assistance on mobile app development, then you can connect with android app Development Company and resolve your doubts about Android libraries.


ButterKnife is one of the well-liked Android libraries that make the annotation process easier. Now with this injection library, you do not have to use findviewbyID again and again. It is easy to view binding without making any extra effort, as this simplifies the process of binding your views in your android app code. This library is just like a dagger as both are used for annotations.


It is an outstanding Android library that acts as a debug bridge for Android applications. Without restricting its functionality to just network inspection, JavaScript console, database inspection, etc. Besides, Stetho helps developers to access various features included under the Developer Tools option of Chrome desktop web browser.


CAMView is the best substitute for Zxing and well-known as an Android camera trouble-free access library. It offers you with a QR scanner. The best thing is that it makes the picture and video process easier, and the barcode scanning option helps in the live data processing of your camera. CAMview consists of several components that make the android application development effortless. You can also build a layout frame with the help of this library.

 Android Databinding

Android Databinding is yet another library that offers you with complete compatibility to bind the UI components efficiently. It gives you a choice to minimize the code and does not use any annotations. Also, it follows a declarative format to improve the UI components of the app layouts. If you want to make an eye-catching application that you can add this Android Databinding in your list.


Now testing your apps is trouble-free as you can test them when you are building your apps. This library makes testing on your workstation quite hassle-free. There is no need for an emulator as Robolectric helps you in this process. It is a testing library that specializes in avoiding the formation of extra mocking frameworks. Robolectric also improves the Android SDK files for testing.

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In a nutshell, if you are a beginner and looking for options to make your android app development process simpler, then you can use the above-listed libraries. With this post, you would have got some idea of how these libraries help you in making the task simpler by offering you with multiple functionalities. In addition to this, you can decide which Android libraries best suit your app requirements and features accordingly. Moreover, for further assistance, you can hire android app development from a renowned android application development company like Fluper. Our expert team get in touch with you and help you in queries about the development of the app. We have a team of professionals who are skilled in handling all types of app requirements. Feel free to call us and get technical advice related to Android app development.Contact Fluper

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