Java has been the base for the development of Android applications for years. JetBrains introduced Kotlin in 2011, a new, statically-typed language running on Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin was announced as an official language for Android development in 2017 during the Google I / O program. Since Kotlin is a dynamic programming language with powerful tools, Android developers have gained popularity there.

CTATaking forward what Kotlin started in 2017, today’s mobile app development industry is staring at mass language adoption, with a portfolio of several hot-shot brand names.

Here’s a list of 10 great mobile apps written in Kotlin:


The popular social photo-sharing company opted to use Kotlin in their Android app to switch away from Java. At Droidcon NYC 2016, they discussed the pros and cons of using Kotlin in development. What might seem a little shocking is that even before Google announced first-class support for this language, Kotlin was being used in such a popular app with its massive user base.


Evernote is an application designed to take notes, keep lists of tasks, organize, archive, and much more. This giant merged Kotlin into its Android app to improve the multiplicity of existing apps. Evernote also added new functionality into the enhanced tools provided by Kotlin, such as handwriting reading of documents, web pages, images, to-do lists, audio, and more. This application is highly popular among enterprise staff, and Kotlin has increased its effectiveness.


Gradle is the custom build framework used to construct android packages (apk files) by supplying the custom build logic and managing dependencies. And Gradle recently introduced Kotlin as the language used to write the build scripts in. Because Kotlin supports both IDEA and Eclipse, the latest programming language for Android offers the Gradle users complete IDE support for auto-completion refactoring and everything in between.


Coursera is an educational organization that delivers free online classes taught by such excellent colleges and institutes as Stanford and Yale. Coursera has no separate organizations for Android and iOS. They just have the Smartphone idea and so they wanted to continue using Kotlin. A relatively new programming language for iOS development, Kotlin is similar to Swift. This leads to an easier exchange of information between engineers, improved coordination, and a more effective overall production.


Basecamp 3:

Basecamp 3 is built entirely using the programming language Kotlin. We are really happy to have chosen Kotlin 100 percent because in many ways, such as job convenience, speed, and efficiency, it has offered a substantial increase. Since Basecamp is an application developed to help small companies operate and develop, the apps are easily customizable and useful.


Square, announced its approval by the online payment platform to use Kotlin internally for Android developers for their app development projects in 2015. Square has been in love with Kotlin since then, and what they can do. Those of you in the electronic stick-payment business need to know what a major name is Square. But their decision to go with Kotlin has set a precedent for a lot of startups and companies.

KotlinConf App:

KotlinConf is a conference for developers, organized by JetBrains, the makers of Kotlin. There’s no way the official application to the conference could be written in another language. What’s very fascinating is that it’s not just the Android application development in Kotlin, but the site, server, and iOS app. This only serves to show this language’s huge potential.

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Shadowsocks delivers security and privacy when you browse the web. It is a sock5 proxy protected across networks that serves very high performance. This program is known for using an industry-level encryption algorithm to provide security. Especially for mobile devices, Shadowsocks is designed to provide consumers with the highest degree of quality.


Trello is a well-known program for project management which is currently owned by Atlassian. The new code is written in Kotlin, for their Android app. They will not do a full code conversion of the old codebase, however. It is possible to function concurrently with Java and Kotlin, due to the great interoperability between the two languages.


Recently, the on-demand food delivery service switched to Kotlin for the iOS version of the Smartphone app. The explanation for this transition from Java to Kotlin can be attributed to the fact that the language is considered to be built around a fail-fast structure and is popular for promoting high scalability.


  1. Even though you don’t know much about Kotlin, you can always set up a Kotlin project without any problems for Android developers.
  2. Kotlin is quicker to write so; save time and resources when creating an Android app.
  3. You can do a lot of things like debug-free, run from an IDE, and use instant running among many other things.
  4. In addition; JetBrains and Google are two major businesses that are working on Kotlin to make it a home for Android growth in the long run.
  5. Kotlin solved the problem of the null point exception by having null right in its type system which makes the code less prone to errors and more stable.
  6. Kotlin has several new features including continuous file size scaling, numerous Android Kotlin plugins, and libraries such as Anko.
  7. Any system that can run JVM will make graphical use of Kotlin.
  8. Any version higher than Kotlin 1.1 may also be used by a developer for front-end development
  9. With Gradle support, the coders can write their Gradle files in Kotlin and the future is open to any platform with Kotlin native.

Kotlin is on the rise, and will not stop soon. It’s the brilliant new day of creating Android devices, and if you want to be part of the ride, it’s best to grab your belt and sprint to Kotlin.


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