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The Payment Journey:

Getting a beautiful e-commerce website is all very well, but how do you get paid? How simple and easy to pay for your products or services is it for your customers. A smooth and safe payment path is necessary for your eCommerce company to succeed.Payment Gateway Integration

Not all shopping carts and payment gateways are supported in the U.A.E. Which solutions are available, and which solutions are especially suitable for your business?

Top Payment Gateways in the UAE:

Let’s now look at appropriate payment gateways for United Arab Emirates (UAE) businesses.

  1. HyperPay:

It’s a payment gateway located in Saudi Arabia that also provides its services in the UAE. HyperPay partners with 100 banks and credit card firms, and is equipped with the best fraud management security. The start-up fee is 2.75 percent and a fixed transaction fee of AED 0.755 per transaction.hyperpay

  1. Telr:

Telr is undoubtedly one of the most common payment gateways in the UAE which can provide several common payment methods. It currently serves more than 100 countries, and continuously updates more methods of payment.

In the emerging market, there are three payment levels: entry, small, and medium, which are perfect for start-ups, SMEs, and e-commerce firms.Telr

  1. Innovative Payments:

Since 2009, it has been present in Dubai, providing customized online payment/wallet solutions to traders in regions where traders are struggling to find a secure and cost-effective payment partner. They support 120 + transaction currencies with a setup fee ranging from AED 1500 – 5000, with an additional fee of AED 150 – 500 and a transaction fee of 3.00 percent – 5.00 percent + AED 0.50; depending on the form of account.

  1. Payfort:

Payfort is the second prevalent online payment portal for UAE that we would like to propose. This is an Amazon Company that operates in and around Arabic speaking countries such as the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and Qatar.PayFort

Payfort’s excellent payment gateway embraces and proceeds several high-security online payment methods to mitigate transaction risks on your platform and raise sales. As this payment gateway is geared to Arab online shopping habits and patterns, your e-commerce shop will be a great payment solution.

  1. Checkout:

Established in 2012, Checkout is a leading provider of online payment solutions for international e-commerce gateways.

Checkout provides services to UAE in 2014 and offers a seamless mobile and online shopping solution.  Checkout provides 5 payment methods for UAE and other countries in the Middle East, namely VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Mada, and American Express.Checkout

  1. Cashu:

Located in Dubai, UAE, Cashu is considered the first and the largest Middle East and North Africa (MENA) online payment solution company.

To avoid all risks associated with online transactions; the iOS app development offered the safest payment gateway that integrates modern fraud prevention and AML systems.  Without any chance of chargeback, any transaction is guaranteed.Cashu

You will have a lot of opportunities with Cashu to expand your company on both a local and global scale across markets.

  1. 2Checkout:

2 Checkout with “Checkout” is an entirely different business. Established in 2006, it is an international payment gateway that develops credit card and debit card trading services.

2checkout offers 10 types of payment in the UAE, including American Express, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, JCB, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, PO, Skrill, and VISA.

To date, this convenient e-commerce payment portal has extended its popularity across 200 nations.

  1. CC Avenue:

As South Asia’s largest payment processing company, CC Avenue has expanded exponentially and is commonly used by e-commerce companies in the UAE. For all market levels, its pricing is suitable. They offer a zero setup fee, but an AED 200 monthly fee and prices are starting from 3.0 percent per transaction and an AED 1.00 fixed transaction fee.

  1. Pay Tabs:

Another highly recommended portal to online payment in the UAE that was developed in 2014. It is renowned for features such as fraud prevention, generating and submitting invoices certified by both Visa and MasterCard through agile technology and creative security management. With nominal fees of 2.85 percent + 1 AED per transaction, they provide services in 168 currencies.

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  1. CyberSource:

In the UAE, CyberSource is a fast, reliable, and secure gateway to payment. Monthly payments start at $20 along with setup fees ranging from $0.00 – $200 and transaction rates of 2.39 percent at $0.35, respectively.


One thing to keep in mind is that you might go for a simple package for any gateway that might look lucrative now, but as your UAE e-commerce website expands, you’re going to have to go for that gateway’s enterprise or premium edition.

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