The mobile gaming industry has grown from the time we used to play mobile games with pixelated graphics, negligible interactions, and a very basic play mechanism to powerful, high-end games with superior visual effects, carefully chosen interactions, excellent storylines, wonderful storylines, and a comparatively more complex game mechanics.

This transition is triggered by a continuous change in the gaming industry and the introduction of technology used for the production of mobile games. Millions of games are currently available and are being played by millions of players all over the world. And the number of people is increasing every day due to growth and deployment. Let’s have a look at the top mobile gaming trends in 2020 gaining popularity in the gaming industry:

Cloud Gaming:

This presumption arises from the growing importance of cloud computing technologies as more stable and faster internet connections.


With oncoming technology, you will be able to play games from any device with an internet connection, just like you stream video and music already.

The benefit of this new gaming technology would also allow antiquated installation of updates, because you can get modified games over the internet, as well as making video games more available and affordable for those without a console or PC.

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Handheld Consoles

Handheld consoles may have become obsolete in the 2000s, replacing them with video game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Nevertheless, the popularity of Nintendo Switch has heralded that there is still a market for handheld devices allocated to video games rather than playing on tablets or smartphones.

Handheld game consoles could become an essential aspect of gaming technology in the future in and after 2020.

Future mobile game consoles will have a huge benefit in 2020 for players and computer technology.

Future portable game consoles will attract both older-generation nostalgic gamers and gamers who want to play while traveling on tablets or smartphones without interference from other mobile devices.

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AR and VR

The AR and VR rock out the gaming world. The influence of the latest technologies has made the world profoundly shocked by a very large range of projects.

Because of the powerhouse of games and the standard of apps on which they rely, people are showing tremendous interest in technology. The AR and VR are both a multi-billion industry.

It will carry the giant amount of earnings for sure to all of the world’s consumers. We are currently dealing entirely with a wide variety of specific new features that have helped users feel real joy in their everyday activities.

Wearable Games

People are experiencing a new technology project which is very encouraging.

Starting from the sports games and finishing with the area of drugs, the VR gives the best experiences to all the world’s consumers.

On top of that, the AR and the groundbreaking technologies brought to life re-influenced digital marketing and the field of online business.

To try the best experience ever, they maximized the earnings of the companies that play in the area.

The income is just over the top. The technology is sure to look for the best results in the future.

Game Engine Revolution

The games industry is shaking the world because of the many investors and players’ super contributions in the region.

It has a robust and powerful game engine that makes the experience of millions of Android and iOS app development companies worldwide.

Use the Unity game engine; you’ll probably get the most enticing games. It has a graphic, sound, and mechanical engine which will offer you the best in your game development journey.



5G Internet is expected to be popular by 2020, and this means it will also have an impact on gaming.

It goes beyond gaming router advances, implying faster, more reliable connections for smartphones, home internet, and other devices such as gaming PCs, consoles, etc.

This 5G age is still moving quickly and will be introduced globally by 2020. China, the US, and Great Britain are now researching 5G.

5 G’s advantages include broader coverage, data transmission, and less latency.

The 5G transition would mean average download speeds of 1Gbps which is the norm for broadband connectivity at the very end of present advanced 4G Long-Term Evolution networks.

UI Experience

Besides that, the evolution of video games reflects a rare period of grandeur. The participation of millions of actors in the field has made the business witness the branch’s best performance.

Nobody can argue that the game engines are also giving the field a big boost. The massive amount of opportunities that modern technology can bring to life will amaze you.


There are plenty of wild ideas waiting to be applied to look for the best financial and future consumer value in the world today.

Cross-Platform Technology

With Cross-platform Engineering contributions. Users live with a new level of functionality that has made them more engaged with the services of the app.

That is the key reason people always engage with the most advanced apps which have made their experience very satisfying.

Besides that, people are also more focused on the apps and the games that make their journey exciting.

That is why cross-platform technology has brought substantial resources to meet the needs of millions around the world.

Mobile Platforms

Many trustworthy figures on how smartphone and tablet games have achieved more than 53 percent of the world’s usage of gaming. This is for sure due to the mobile platforms’ convenient and large disparity in the mechanics of the game.

Mobile-platformsUsers are decreasing their trust in games on PCs. The smartphone is always the first choice for anyone who wants to play some kind of game that has made the buzz over time.

The Pc and the console dedicated to games are fine but require a high degree of commitment. People can’t sit there all day and play their games.

In the meantime, they still have access to their favorite games through a cell phone.

Location-Based Games

Invading societies are location-based games and the form of mobile apps that rely on GPS. They also give their users tremendous benefits in terms of price.

Indeed, nobody can deny how many users nowadays rely on their form of games to enjoy their time with friends and family.

The latest games give the chilling times spent in gaming a new feeling of surprises, and more thrillers. This game category is rocking the gaming community.

The world is fascinated by the high production quality and the graphical features that the new games deliver. We certainly live in a particular age where the games and apps re-rock the world.


Mobile App Development Companies and software creators now need to figure out how to distribute their gaming application at several different locations, rather than relying on global versions that do not adhere to particular trends.

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